Committee on

Historic and Archaeological Preservation

in Transportation

Welcome to the Transportation Research Board’s Committee on Historic and Archaeological Preservation in Transportation (AME60)!


We are a group with members from public and private sectors, with expertise in state and federal environmental regulations and a focus on cultural and historic properties. We love hearing from people from around the country, sharing ideas, and learning from one another, and you do not have to be a member to participate. If you aren’t a member, though, and haven’t already registered as a friend of the committee, please join us!


Every January TRB’s Annual Meeting is held in Washington, DC. Come together with thousands of transportation professionals! Click here for more information.


And each year in summer, our committee hosts a mid-year meeting. We work together to select topics and discuss issues that are common across cultural resource professionals working on transportation projects.


Looking forward, we have lots of opportunities to participate. We’ll be gearing up to hold an in-person mid-year meeting in summer 2023 in Oklahoma. For more information you can contact us or wait for more information to come out after the January meeting.


Ongoing volunteer opportunities:

  • Website & Communications
  • Research Needs
  • Programming for various meetings


Thank you,

Mary Alfson Tinsman, AME60 Chair


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